Building " longevity" has secret recipe, new national standard to boost the construction industry " secondary revolution"
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In 2016, the total output value of China's construction industry is 19.35 trillion yuan, of which the added value of the construction industry is 4.95 trillion yuan, which exceeds the United States, ranking the first in the world.

In 2016, the total output value of China's construction industry is 19.35 trillion yuan, of which the added value of the construction industry is 4.95 trillion yuan, which exceeds the United States, ranking the first in the world. Feature small town construction, shanty towns transformation, the Chinese construction industry is still in the development of the tuyere. However, compared with ancient buildings in ancient times, the reinforced concrete buildings often appear " premature senility" signs. This situation arises mainly from two aspects:

On the one hand, in the construction process of reinforced concrete construction of " bones" Jerry - building, a long time building " osteoporosis" situation; On the other hand, because of the rapid aging of the various types of pipeline which constitute the " blood vessel" of the building, the modern architecture  often apper " disembowel" maintenance, which will affect the whole life of the building. 

Because of this, the construction industry wants to extend the " life" of the building, in addition to ensure that the construction process of reinforced concrete meet the standard, more to the construction of " vascular" pipeline steel material to do foot articles. Once the " life" of the steel pipe improves the " blood flow" of the building, the corresponding building can " maintain youth forever ". 

Generally, the steel pipe used in the construction industry is mainly concentrated in three areas: one is the galvanized welded pipe, such as water, gas ( natural gas ), fire service pipe, etc. The second is the scaffold used in the construction process, which is an important steel pipe demand field in the construction industry, and the three are the construction drainage pipes and heating pipes. These three areas are the main demand direction of steel pipe in the construction industry.

Different from the use of seamless steel pipe in the transportation of oil and gas pipeline, the steel pipe required in the construction industry is mainly welded pipe. The reason why the welded pipe is because this kind of steel pipe joint can be used directly welding way, the operation is convenient, and buried foundation will not be deformed also does not leak water, safe and reliable. Therefore, welded pipe is the first choice for steel pipe in construction industry. 

However, compared with seamless steel pipe, welded pipe in corrosion resistance and other aspects of some deficiencies, so we often see residential because of the water pipeline, gas pipeline aging and repair. However, with the implementation of the new national standard of steel pipe industry, this situation can be greatly improved. 

Take the galvanized welded pipe as an example, for example, before the zinc content is not fixed, some enterprises only have a layer of zinc plating on the surface, this kind of steel pipe will appear the surface layer fall in less than a few years after the use of building purchase, and then the whole steel pipe will rust, seriously damage the service life of steel pipe. Today, the new national standard advocated by the group of friends has a minimum of 300 g / ㎡ for the upper zinc content of galvanized steel pipes, and the service life of steel pipes can be increased by 20 - 30 %. 

To give a simple example, the galvanized steel pipes used in our residence need to be changed every 30 years. the replacement cycle of the galvanized steel pipes under the new national standard can be extended to 36 to 39 years. the prolongation of the maintenance cycle can not only effectively reduce the maintenance cost of the building, but also improve the overall life of the building, so as to effectively avoid the " premature failure" and " premature failure" of the buildings in the construction industry. 

In addition to improving the building " life ", the new GB galvanized steel pipe in a certain period and stainless steel pipe corrosion resistance and so on almost the same performance, but at the cost has an absolute advantage. After all, compared with thousands of tons of stainless steel welded pipe, the price of galvanized welded pipe steel is only about 4000 yuan. For construction companies, the cost of procurement is naturally more attractive.

As the leader of the industry group of friends with excellent product quality, in the construction industry has made great achievements. Beijing Olympic games venues, the first high building in China - Tianjin 117 building, Beijing - Zhangjiakou winter Olympic venues, Beijing zhongguozun and other characteristics of the Chinese construction behind the strong steel pipe quality as a support. 

In order to protect the quality of the building from the source, to help the healthy development of the construction industry. With the help of 3.15 timing, the project materials and equipment working Committee of the Chinese construction enterprise management association and the material branch of the China construction industry association have jointly participated in the launching of " seeking China's good steel pipe, new China national standard landing verification operation ", which aims to promote the standardization operation of the steel tube industry, strengthen the industry self - discipline, avoid hostile competition, and jointly safeguard the overall interests of the industry, and further promote the benign development of the steel pipe industry. 

In the survey process of the new national standard, through the investigation of the four sample markets of Zhengzhou, Changsha, Nanjing and Hangzhou, the selected samples of steel pipe brands are the mainstream sales brands in the local market, the local market share and the steel pipe social inventory are more than 90 %, the sampling survey is close to the local market real sales, the survey results are true and effective. 

Through the investigation of the four sample markets, the sampling brand in the steel pipe industry implementation aspects of the implementation, Zhengzhou random sampling of five brands, among which Youfa、Tianhong qualified; Changsha sampling of 4 brands, only one qualified friends; Six brands of Nanjing random sampling, among which Youfa、Zhengjinyuan、Jinzhou、Tianhong  qualified; Hangzhou random sampling of 6 brands, among which Youfa、Zhengjinyuan、Jinzhou、Tianhong qualified. 

At present, the construction industry in China has ushered in a period of quantitative change to qualitative change. In order to deepen the blueprint of the construction industry reform, recently, the general office of the state Council issued the " opinions on promoting sustained and healthy development of the construction industry" ( hereinafter referred to as " opinions" ), hoping to promote the construction industry to gain the impetus of secondary development through the way of the top design. Now, the new national standard of the steel pipe industry has injected new vitality to the healthy development of the construction industry at the source.

The reason is very simple, the steel pipe industry through the implementation of the new national standards, the entire industry of steel pipe product quality will be greatly improved, this industry-wide quality threshold will inevitably lead to the construction industry to improve the quality of competitiveness. Therefore, for the construction industry, the implementation of the new national standards will lay a solid foundation for the " secondary revolution" of the construction industry, and then promote the core competitiveness of the Chinese construction industry and become a real building power.